Hi Joseph,

> When attempting to compile a file with bigloo 4.3a (beta16Oct16), I am
> recieving an error I have never seen before. A truncated version of the
> error message can be found below. The error may not be specific to
> bigloo 4.3a; I have not tried compiling with an earlier Bigloo version
> yest. Does any one know what this error indicates? If it helps, I am
> seeing this error when compiling recette/tabled.scm found at
> https://github.com/donaldsonjw/bkanren. I recently revisited the project
> and was attempting to properly merge the changes made by Peter
> Kourzanov. Any help would be appreciated.
It took me a while to figure out what's going on. I was suspecting an
error during one of the complex optimizations. It was not. A simple
static reduction what not correctly implemented at the very beginning
of the compilation process. Here is a simple program that illustrates
the bug.

(module foo (export (bidule)))

(define (bidule)
   (((lambda (a b) b)
     (print 3)
     (lambda (x) x)) 3))

(print (bidule))

I'm now bootstrapping Bigloo. If all the tests pass, I will upload a new
version within an hour or so.

Thanks a lot for your bug report.


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