Hello, Amirouche,
You need to add an include example.h to your extern clause. See below.
Best Regards, Joseph Donaldson
  On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 2:31 PM, Amirouche Boubekki<amirou...@hypermove.net> 
wrote:   I created a small example to learn how to do it.(module foo
      (include "example.h")      ;; beginning of example.h
      (create_abc::ABC* () "create_abc")
      (sum::int (int int) "sum")
      (type s-ABC_ (struct (value::int "value") 
(sum::*int,int,string->int "sum")) "struct ABC_")
      (type int,int,string->int "int ($(int,int,char *))")
      (type *int,int,string->int (function int (int int string)) "int 
((*$)(int,int,char *))")
      (type ABC s-ABC_ "ABC")
      (type ->ABC* "ABC *($())")
      (type int,int->int "int ($(int,int))")
      ;; end of example.h
  (main main))

(define (main x)
  (let ((out (create_abc)))
    (print "total:")
    (print out)))


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