Southeastern Pennsylvania Bicycle Issues Task Force
July 19th, 2001

Minutes (Draft)

Location:  PennDOT Engineering District 6-0, 7000 Geerdes Blvd.,
King of Prussia, Room 203B

Name Organization Phone Email
Dave Bachman PennDOT (717) 783-8444 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Patti Marshall PennDOT (717) 705-1444 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
John Burkhardt The RBA Group (717) 697-0100 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Bill Ruhling URS Corp/ BCDV Mont Co Comm (215) 646-6727
David Bennett DVBC (610) 626-1344 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Nicole Hostettler DVRPC (215) 592-1800 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Susan Simkus MCPC (610) 278-3554 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Tim Brennan Gannett Fleming  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Matt Bochanski PennDOT  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
John Madera DVRPC (215) 592-1800 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
John Boyle BCDV (215) 985-2839 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Tom Shaffer DCPD (610) 891-4306 [EMAIL PROTECTED]

The meeting was called to order shortly after 4 p.m. on Thursday, July 19th,
2001 by Dave Bachman. He introduced the new bike and pedestrian coordinator
at PennDOT District 6, Matt Bochanski. Introductions were made around the

The minutes from April 19th were approved, with some revisions. These
changes involved the PennDOT changes. PennDOT officials announced the
opening of Bicycle PA routes A, Y, and L at a press conference. Mr. Bachman
added that the project signage for these routes, not the trails themselves,
were funded by TEA-21 funds. Also, the new rumble strips that are being
constructed were tested by officials at PennDOT (including Mr. Bachman), the
state Pedalcycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (PPAC), and students at
Pennsylvania State University.

1. PennDOT updates - Dave Bachman
Bicycle PA
PennDOT will officially open all six present bike routes next week. These
routes will be available for review on the PennDOT website. Future routes
were discussed, including the near completion of Route E.
Mr. Bachman stated that maps and cue sheets are in demand for these routes,
and that PennDOT needs to accommodate this.

Yield to Pedestrian channelizing devices
Mr. Bachman stated that this project is in final review. PennDOT has
contacted a number of municipalities, and has found crash accident sites.
They have over 500 devices on order, and will probably need to purchase

Bike Facilities Checklist
Mr. Bachman announced that the bicycle facilities checklists received
approval by PMC, which will encourage the process.

Shoulder Paving Initiative
Mr. Bachman stated that PennDOT will encourage MPOs and LDDs to become
involved in the shoulder paving initiative along Bicycle PA routes. There
are approximately 1,500 miles open in Pennsylvania, with a goal to pave 100
miles, year. PennDOT hopes to acquire lists from PennDOT districts of where
deficiencies are located. This list would then be given to LDDs and MPOs for
TIP development.

Tom Shaffer asked if any tourist promotion for Bicycle PA routes would
occur, as there were areas that have debris and clutter along the routes.
Mr. Bachman said promotion of these routes was occurring, and if there are
any areas that needed attention please notify him.

PennDOT is focusing on completing uncompleted short-term and mid-term tasks
of the 1996 bicycle master plan. There would be an 80/20 match, and $750,000
allotted to the project over 3 years.

2. PennDOT District 6 Report - Matt Bochanski
Mr. Bochanski stated that he met with Greg Brown, as part of familiarizing
himself with his new role at PennDOT. He stated that there has been an
amendment to the TIP to allow $300,000 for a consultant to examine the state
contracts for line striping, allowing space for bike lanes. This would be
incorporating changes in the surface treatment program. Mr. Bochanski stated
that the consultant selection process would start soon and will be ready in
spring 2002. The program is considered to be a pilot program. Tom Shaffer
asked if it would affect projects done in 2002. Mr. Bochanski said it would.
Mr. Bochanski added that there is a new type of material used on some
PennDOT roads that has been producing less stones and residue for bikers on
the shoulders of the roads. This reformulated oil-and-chip concrete has been
used in parts of Chester County. Mr. Bochanski reported that the county has
not received any complaints in four years.

4. DVRPC Reports - John Madera

A. PA Transportation Enhancements funds 2002
John explained the process of the upcoming third and final round under
TEA-21 of the Transportation Enhancements application process. There is $8.3
million available in District 6, plus $2 million from SEPTA in transit
enhancements. Applications will be available from the DVRPC website after
August 6th. Applicants are strongly encouraged to attend one of the three
workshops offered:
August 22, 2001 King of Prussia 4:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Valley Forge Room
Upper Merion Township Building
175 West Valley Forge Road (PA 23)
King of Prussia, PA 19406
August 29, 2001 Media 4:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Council Chambers
Delaware County Government Center Building
First Floor
2nd and Orange Streets
Media, PA 19063
September 12, 2001 Philadelphia 4:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Conference Center
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
8th Floor - The Bourse Building
111 South Independence Mall East
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Applications are due at the close of business at the PennDOT Central Office
in Harrisburg on October 26th. Dave Bachman asked if technical design will
be considered. John Madera replied that most of the projects are not in the
design stage yet.

Bike Facilities on Existing Roads
John Madera explained the current project of DVRPC to implement bike lanes
on existing and future roads being built. 70 miles of suburban roads were
examined. Three of the seven corridors were chosen to move into design
stage. Seven firms responded to an RFP. John Madera selected four firms for
invitations to offer proposals. In this year's project, staff will work
closely with PennDOT and the counties as they develop the scopes of work for
highway projects to be submitted for TIP inclusion, to determine appropriate
project for the inclusion of bike lanes. The Clean Air Council will continue
on as a subcontractor, making presentations before municipal officials on
the value of bicycle and pedestrian accommodation. PennDOT originally
prepared a slide show, DVRPC revised it, and the presentation has received
positive results. In response to Mr. Bachman's question regarding how much
the slideshow was revised, John Madera stated that there was considerable
change to the script and input of the graphic design. Patti Marshall stated
she'd like a copy of the revised slide show. Tom Shaffer stated that he'd
like a schedule of when and where the slide show will be appearing.
ACTION ITEM: John Madera should send Patti Marshall a copy of the slide show
and send Tom Shaffer a schedule of the slide show presentation.

C. Share the Road Campaign
John Madera announced that Doylestown is ready to participate in the Share
the Road campaign. There will be a number of kick-offs in September.

D. Bikes on PATCO
John Madera and a representative of the Bicycle Coalition of the Delaware
Valley met with Tom Hickey, the Chief Executive Officer of PATCO. The
meeting was initiated by DRPA. They wanted opinions of bike leaders in the
region concerning PATCO's bike policies; specifically, dissolving the bike
permit requirement, open trains to reverse peak travel of bikes, putting in
bike lockers, etc. John Madera said he would keep everyone posted.

Don Gephart, DCNR, could not attend today's meeting. Mr. Madera read
announcements pertaining to DCNR activities, as follows, which were
forwarded by Mr. Gephart prior to the meeting:
Two DCNR Community Conservation Partnerships Grants Workshops will offered
on September 5, 2001 9-noon and again from 1:30-4:30pm at Plymouth Township
Community Center, Contact Pa. Recreation and Park Society for registration
at 814-234-4272. Workshop is free, but registration is required.

Community Conservation Partnerships Program Grant application manuals will
be available in early August at or by
calling DNCR in Harrisburg 717-783-4734 (applications are at the printers
now, 7/8/01). Applicants should contact a DCNR Regional Advisor prior to
obtaining an application.

Regional Advisors in SE PA:
Fran Rubert at 215-560-1183 for Chester and Montgomery Counties
Don Gephart at 215-560-1182 for Philadelphia, Delaware and Bucks Counties
New development in ATV trails with passage of new legislation. $1-1.5
million available for ATV/snowmobile trails, and will be part of Community
Conservation Partnerships Grants Programs.
Recreational Trails Program will have about $1 million available statewide
under DCNR, and will be part of Community Conservation Partnerships Grants
Land and Water Conservation Fund Program will be part of the C2P2
application process. Potential for up to $12 million could be available

Available Keystone Grant Program Funding the past few years has been about
$24 million statewide.
DCNR Growing Greener Funding should be about $8 million state wide.
PA DCNR Keystone $ + PA DCNR Growing Greener $ + Federal LWCF $ + Federal
Recreational Trails $ = Community Conservation Partnerships Program $ (C2P2
last year was about $34 million statewide, If LWCF passes in Washington D.C.
the number could boost up by another $8-12 million statewide).

Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission is conducting a "Southern
Crossings Transportation Corridor Study." Public meetings and comments will
be held soon regarding considerations for transportation systems in the
areas of the bridges.

Warwick Township (Bucks) is forming a new trails committee. Upper Makefield
Twp. (Bucks) was recently funded for a municipal trail system plan.
Pennridge Area (Bucks) recently completed an 8 municipality Greenway Plan
(with trails).

PA DCNR is cooperating with the PA Dept of Community and Economic
Development in coordinating DCNR Grants (for open space, parks recreation
and greenways) with DCED Land Use and Technical Assistance Program (LUPTAP)
Grants for Comprehensive planning updates. End result is lower local share
to complete plans.

PA DCNR will be embarking on a "DCNR Stakeholder Driven Process" in March
PA DCNR is embarking on a Metropolitan Partnerships Initiative.

Demonstration areas targeted are Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Initiative is
looking at strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for partnership, between
DCNR (State Parks Bureau, Forestry Bureau, Topologic & Geologic Services
Bureau, Recreation and Conservation Bureau), DCNR's Partners, and Urban
Partners of the Commonwealth. Meetings are yet to be scheduled, and should
occur over the next 18 months.

5. County/City Reports - Tom Shaffer & John Boyle

Tom Shaffer stated that the Chester Creek Trail is close to entering the
engineering stage. Friends of the Chester Count trail are completing their
feasibility study. The trail is about 6 miles long. He also stated that the
trail at 619 and Route 1, as part of the East Coast Greenway is making
progress. The county hired consultants for the preliminary stages, and is
hoping to complete this by the end of the year. He also stated that the
Delaware County Bike to Work Day on June 8 was very successful. There were
about 20-25 bicyclists in Media. The event marked Mike Farrell's last day at
Delaware County.

John Boyle of the Bicycle Coalition of the Delaware Valley reported on the
success of bike racks on buses in the NJTransit South Jersey fleet. This was
exemplified as the way SEPTA buses should be operating in regards to
bicyclists. There are many complaints regarding drivers not accepting bikes
on board, and inconsistent deployment of rack-equipped buses. However, with
recent letters by Dennis Winters, the SEPTA Citizens Advisory Board, and
other bike representatives, SEPTA may take the steps necessary to encourage
bike rack usage on SEPTA buses. SEPTA needs 1,200 new bike racks at a cost
of approximately $700,000. They will be applying for SEPTA TE 2002 funds.
Ignorance and institutional resistance were cited as the main reasons for
SEPTA's neglect of bicycle rack usage.
Edwin M. Hein, Jr. of the Suburban Cyclists Unlimited asked Dave Bachman
about the educational enhancements. Mr. Bachman stated that there was no
meeting date as of yet. There would be in late August at the earliest.

Next meeting date: Thursday, October 25th, 2001, at 8 a.m.

A suggestion was made to hold the next meeting at SEPTA to engage them in
the issues of bicycle accessibility. John Madera will look into that. The
meeting place is yet to be determined. John Madera will do some informal
polling through the email lists regarding future meeting venues.
Meeting adjourned by Dave Bachman at approximately 5:40 p.m.
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