Bare details:
Thursday, Aug 8
6 PM
at Vanderwalle & Assoc 
120 E Lakeside (across John Nolen from the northwest entrance to Olin Park)

Why: The various parties working on what the Verona Rd/Beltline area will
look like in 20 years have invited the bicycling community to come to a
meeting and brainstorm. They want to present the alternatives that seem
most likely for the area and see what we think. 

The area we will be talking about runs from Mckee Rd/PD and Verona Rd
through/across the Beltline. The Beltine area on either side of Verona Rd
will also be discussed. Frontage roads, cut-throughs, over/underpasses,
bike lanes or other facilities, etc. should also be considered.

They ALSO want our ideas on how bike and pedestrian access to the area can
best be maintained/improved. What are the problems accessing the area?
Where are the conflicts? What can be done to change that?

Please pass this message along to others that might be interested. If you
have any questions, call or email me.

-- Robbie
Robbie Webber
Program Manager
Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin
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PO Box 1224
Madison, WI  53701-1224
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