Is there something about the Courier Championships we should know about or did 
you just want to send the joke about bike messengers?

Good joke by the way.


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> What's the difference between a bike messenger and a
> homeless alcoholic?
> Bike messengers usually have nicer bikes. And here's
> one from Mark Pilder
> "You might be a messenger if at least one member of
> your family believes you could be doing something more
> important with your life" We can use that one for the
> polygraph test at future Courier Championships. BTW Speaking
> of future Courier Championships I've come up with an
> idea. Appoint an "Honorary Grand Marshal"
> (that's my working title for my event) This person
> should be of importance to the local messenger community and
> also of importance to rest of the local community the sort
> of person who can open doors for the organizers, this person
> should also be kind of old. So any fiasco associated with
> the event will be less likely to "blow back" on
> them. "Those bike messengers took advantage of that
> poor old man" Say the church ladies. Meanwhile if your
> "Honorary Grand Marshal" is anything like my
> leading candidate he or she will be going. "That was
> great, I went to all these parties and bike races with some
> really cool young people and idiots are giving
> me sympathy because _____ happened." We'll need
> some of the cargo bike people to provide taxi service but it
> should work.Just a thought.
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