Here is a great example of a press release being used to alert a
neighborhood to a rash of thefts.  Please bring this to the attention of
your bicycle theft specialist:


In addition to home or car break-ins, a press release like this could
also be used in response to a rash of bicycle thefts in an area.


After reviewing your 2008 East Madison Community Survey I have some


I noticed an omission in your list of concerns:  Bicycle Theft.

I realize that bicycle theft could fall under the category of
"Burglary/Break-Ins", but by lumping bicycle theft in with burglary you
are masking out the potential to detect bicycle theft as an acute

On question:

"22. The following questions ask you how often you engage in a variety
of activities. Please select a response for each activity. "

There is also an omission: Ride a bicycle during the day, ride a bicycle
at night.  

Asking this question could allow you to better gauge how much attention
you dedicate to policing bicycle paths.  I regularly see bicyclists
using the Yahara and Capital City paths at all times of day or night,
and I am sure these people would like the MPD to know about their
crime/safety concerns on their travels by bicycle.  There is certainly a
history of problems on bike paths in Madison that is worthy of
consideration as part of a survey.

Ditto on question 23.

Thanks for your time,

Matt Logan
1822 Jenifer Street
Madison Wisconsin 53704

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