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Please contact your alder and other alders you may know today and ask
them to support amendment #30 to City's Operational Budget at the
City Council meeting tonight - to spare Metro the necessity of
raising the cash fares $0.50 in a time of economic downturn,
increasing unemployment and worsening environmental concerns.

Amendment #30 would eliminate the mayor's proposed 33% increase in
Madison Metro Transit adult cash fares and 25% increase in youth cash

The key point to make is that we have to increase the use of of mass
(bus) transit in the city if we are to become sustainable. Raising
fares is counter to that objective.

Read Amendment #30 here:

Fares must be kept at the current level because the higher fares will
cause fewer people to use mass transit and more people to drive
personal motor vehicles, thus increasing the total amount of emissions
to our environment, to say nothing about the increased congestion of
streets and parking lots, higher noise levels, and additional threats
to pedestrian and bicyclist safety that would result from having more
motor vehicles operating on our streets and roadways.

The Madison Bus Advocates <http://www.busadvocates.org/> is asking
that people call their alders and tell them that Metro bus fares
should NOT be increased. They're high enough already for most middle
and low income families in Madison.

We need to increase the use of mass transit in Madison to reduce auto
congestion and related greenhouse gas emissions in Madison.  Raising
fares will create the opposite effect.

You many also want to attend the Public Hearing. You can either stop
by at the start of the meeting to sign your name in support of
Amendment #30 and then leave, or you can wait and have 5 minutes to
explain to the Common Council why you support Amendment #30 and
oppose the fare increase.  2009 Operating Budget Public Hearing
Tuesday, Nov. 11, 5:30pm, Rm 201, City-County Building, 210 Martin
Luther King, Jr. Blvd.

But also please let your alder know today that you support Amendment
#30 and why you oppose a bus fare increase. Just a short email can
have a big impact. Remember to include your name and your street
address. If you are unsure who your alder is or would like to send
your message to all alders, you can easily submit a Common Council
email here:

Low and middle income families in Madison who currently rely on Metro
will thank you.  So will the rest of us who care about liveability
concerns in our community and the region as a whole, both now and in
the future.

Mike Neuman

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