Some of you may know Chris Kegel, former Bike Fed board member, owner of
the Wheel and Sprocket shops in the Milwaukee and Fox Valley area, and
generally one of the strongest supporters of bike advocacy you will ever
see. His list of local, state, and national positions in support of all
types of biking is endless. And he is generally a wonderful, giving, and
sweet guy.

He is facing a very tough health battle. This Sunday there will be a ride
in support of him <> in Milwaukee. (Full details
at link or pasted below. Sorry about the formatting.)

This will be a slow and social ride, mostly on the Hank Aaron Trail. No
entry fee. No long distances. No competition or requirements to do anything
except show up and celebrate biking. You don't even have to bike, although
I think you will want to. Just come pick up a t-shirt in the morning and
then come to the after-party at Kegel Inn. (Yes, a multi-generational
family operation now being run by Chris's son, Julian, also a Bike Fed
board member.)

Bring your family and friends. People are coming in from across the country
to ride for Chris.

Because I am not a morning person, I'm going to get a hotel room Saturday
night so I can get there on time. If any women are interested in splitting
a room, let me know. (I'll likely get a cheap, no-frills room at some
soulless chain near the highway just to sleep, but would be open to
something a little nicer if I find a person who wants to split a room and

[image: chris slow roll]

To celebrate the cycling legend, Chris Kegel, we couldn't think of a better
way to bring our family and the cycling community together than a "slow
roll" bike ride.

This is a casual, no drop, 12 mile bike ride from State Fair Park along the
Hank Aaron State Trail on our way to Lake Shore State Park. Once we reach
the park, there will be SEVEN BANNERS for you to sign and share your love
for Chris.  After we return to the trail through downtown and hop back on
the Hank Aaron, we'll head south off the trail at the 56th street exit and
end at Kegel's Inn for a big tent celebration.
*THE RIDE**9:00am - FREE T-SHIRT PICK UP*Show your support by wearing your
complimentary commemorative T-Shirt on the ride. Your T-Shirt will be your
ticket to engage in the free activities at the* PARTY*PARKING - Arrive at
the parking lot at STATE FAIR PARK AND RIDE
on 76th and Main Street(see map)

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*10:00am - OFFICIAL RIDE START**ROUTE OVERVIEW*Head south one block on
76th, to head east on the Hank Aaron State TrailFollow route arrows through
the Historic 3rd Ward on your way to Lakeshore State Park*AT LAKESHORE
STATE PARK*We all wish Chris the best in the upcoming months. Signing your
name on the banners at the park is the easiest way to show your support for
Chris. After you sign the banners, we will slow roll to the party at
KEGEL'S INN.*RETURN ROUTE*Follow route signage through downtown as make
your way back to the Hank Aaron State Trail heading West. At 56th street,
take the paved exit SOUTH from the trail until you reach National Avenue. Take
National Avenue to 59th. KEGEL'S INN is on the corner of 59th and National.
as long as you are wearing your SLOW ROLL T-SHIRT*BIKE PARKING*Lock up your
bike near the south end of 59th street. Bike Parking generously provided by
the Bike Federation of Wisconsin.*FOOD*Complimentary Brats, Pretzels and
Beer. Please thank TREK Bicycles for the generous support for this
party. *PACKER
GAME*Don't worry, we know we can't compete with Packer Sunday, so even if
you don't feel like riding, head over to Kegel's Inn to watch the Packers
battle the Lions on the OUTDOOR BIG SCREEN. Game starts at 12:05 pm. *HALFTIME
PRESENTATIONS*Enjoy stories about Chris from some of his best friends. *LIVE
MUSIC*This is an Family friendly event. Live music will start at the end of
anyone who know's Chris Kegel and Family to join us for the celebration. Please
come to Kegel's Inn anytime after 12pm. You will need to pick up a T-Shirt
from the Beer Tent to enjoy in the libations. If at all possible, we
recommend that you ride your bike to the event. Parking will be VERY
LIMITED at Kegel's Inn. *IS THERE A FEE TO JOIN THE RIDE?*No, Trek Bicycles
has generously donated the fees associated with the cost of the
dedication. *WILL
THERE BE BIKE PARKING?*Yes, the Bike Federation of Wisconsin will have bike
parking. There will be a bike corral on the south end of 59th st. Please
bring a bike lock. *WHAT IS SLOW ROLL?*More than a ride, it's a philosophy
to go slow, to take in the scenery, and to enjoy your ride. *IS THIS A
FAMILY RIDE? *Yes, Chris Kegel is a man that has always put his family
first. Please feel free to bring the little ones. *WHAT IS THE PACE OF THE
RIDE?*Nice and Easy. Did we mention this was a slow roll? *WILL THERE BE
CONTROLLED INTERSECTIONS?*Tom Schuler and his helpers from Team Sports will
have some intersections controlled in and around the third ward.Milwaukee
PD and West Allis PD are also in the loop about the ride. *WILL CHRIS BE
THERE? *Maybe - we're taking things day by day. *IS THIS CHRIS'S LAST
condition is serious and has come to peace with the outcomes of his
diagnosis. Although we might have some time for him to get back on his bike
again, *he* feels very strongly this slow roll will be a great way for
people to get together in his honor.

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