Next week a city project will begin along Willow Creek near the Campus Drive 
bike path. Everything I know about it is included in the email below, but all 
you really need to know about it is that:

1)      The Campus Drive Bike Path itself will remain OPEN.

2)      The path connection between the Campus Drive Path and Easterday Lane 
(between Willow Creek and Veterinary Medicine) will be closed by a staging area 
for this project. So if you use the Campus Drive Path in an eastbound 
direction, and usually get off there (to connect, e.g. to the Lakeshore Path or 
the Natatorium or the Bcycle station there), you're going to need to continue 
east past Veterinary Medicine to the eastern terminus of the Campus Drive Path 
and connect from there.

3)      Also note that Linden Drive north of the US Dairy Forage Research 
Center is closed, though you can circumvent that closure on a bicycle by using 
the service drive south of US Dairy Forage Research and north of the Dairy Barn 
and  Dairy Cattle Center. The closure of Linden Drive north of US Dairy Forage 
is a federal project that I know nothing else about, including how long it will 

Thanks for coming to (or through) campus without a car.

Chuck Strawser
Pedestrian & Bicycle Transportation Planner
Commuter Solutions
UW-Madison Transportation Services

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Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2016 3:26 PM
Subject: Willow Creek - City Project Begins

Hello All

FYI   - Next week the City of Madison is starting construction of a stormwater 
sediment basin within Willow Creek on UW property just north of Campus Drive.  
The City has negotiated a construction easement with UW for the project.   The 
City's contractor is RG Huston who is the same contractor at our Near West 
Playfield project.   The project will continue through the winter and be 
finished in early spring.

The work will require a crane for removing soil, setting sheet pile, and 
placing concrete.  The contractor will be accessing the construction site thru 
Herrick Drive which will require considerable coordination between UW Grounds 
and the contractor for vehicle access, staging, and storage.   The contractor 
will also have a small staging and storage area east of the creek which will 
close a section of the bike path that leads to Easterday Drive.  The Campus 
Drive bike path will remain open during the entire duration of the project.

The project will involve no utility construction except for extending a 6'x10' 
box culvert owned by the City.   There is a UW utility bridge over the existing 
creek that is to remain undisturbed and is to be protected with shoring/ sheet 
piles during excavating operations.

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