Release candidates for upcoming maintenance releases in the 9.9,
9.10, and 9.11 branches of BIND are now available.

Release notes can be found with the releases or in the ISC Knowledge Base:


Users who are migrating an existing BIND configuration to these new
versions should take special note of this change if they are DDNS users:

   "update-policy rules that otherwise ignore the name field now
   require that it be set to "." to ensure that any type list present
   is properly interpreted. Previously, if the name field was omitted
   from the rule declaration but a type list was present, it wouldn't
   be interpreted as expected."

It's a correction to an ambiguous case that was previously allowed,
but which was capable of causing unexpected results when accidentally
applied.  The new requirement eliminates is intended to eliminate the
confusion, which previously caused some operators to misapply security
policies.  However, due to the new requirement, named configuration
files that relied on the previous behavior will no longer be accepted.

The syntax change should not affect most operators, even those using
"update-policy" to define Dynamic DNS permissions, but if you are unsure
then we recommend using the "named-checkconf" utility provided with BIND
to ensure that the syntax used in your configuration is allowed before
applying your upgrade in production.

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