BIND currently exports number of libraries, including libisc, libisccfg, 
libirs, libisccc, libdns and libbind9.

We don’t know of any external projects that use these libraries.  Keeping the 
ABI and API stable is big burden, and we are exploring the possibility of 
merging all the libraries into a tightly-coupled private library that wouldn't 
be used outside of BIND (and tools). This change would effectively make those 
libraries private.  

BIND 9.14 in 2019 would be the first release that would drop the libraries.

The BIND 9.11 ESV would keep those libraries until 2022, so any external users 
would have enough time to migrate to other DNS libraries.

Known external users of libisc and friends:
- ISC DHCP (will continue using BIND 9.11 libraries)
- dnsperf (either use BIND 9.11 libraries, or offer ISC project)

Please let us know if you see a significant problem with this plan, including 
which library you are using and how you are using it.

Thank you


Victoria Risk
Product Manager
Internet Systems Consortium

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