Posting date:        19 September 2018
Program Impacted:    BIND
Versions affected:   9.10.8 -> 9.10.8-P1, 9.11.4 -> 9.11.4-P1,
                     9.12.1 -> 9.12.2-P1.  Also versions 9.13.0 ->
                     9.13.3 of the 9.13 development branch.


   A code change intended to fix a memory leak that could occur
   after "rndc reload" exposed multiple problems with inline-signing
   that were not possible to trigger in versions prior to change 4892.


   In versions containing change #4892 but prior to the correction
   of the multiple related issues, it is possible for inline-signing
   to fail to properly sign records or to properly service refresh
   events. inline-signing should be considered broken in the affected
   versions and operators should either upgrade to a corrected
   version or revert to traditional signing.


   Traditional signing can be used instead of inline-signing.


   If you are running a version affected by this bug you can prevent
   it by upgrading to a release containing the fix which reverses
   the change in behavior. The patched versions can all be downloaded

   +  BIND 9 version 9.11.4-P2
   +  BIND 9 version 9.12.2-P2

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