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BIND 9.11.5-P1 and 9.12.3-P1 update our stable production branches
of BIND.  These two releases contains just a single bug fix to
distinguish them from the versions they replace.

5108.   [bug]           Named could fail to determine bottom of zone when
                        removing out of date keys leading to invalid NSEC
                        and NSEC3 records being added to the zone. [GL #771]

The purpose of this fix is to prevent the defect, introduced in
change #4964, which could cause signing problems to occur after removing
out of date keys from a signed zone.  We previously warned about this
issue in our Operational Notification of November 30, 2018 and these
updated releases correct the improper signing behavior.


BIND 9.13.5 is the most recent release in the 9.13 unstable development
branch of BIND.  In addition to change #5108 it contains other feature
improvements and bug fixes.


Release notes for each of these releases can be found via these links:


For your convenience, the November Operational Notification, containing
details on the issue corrected by change #5108, can be found here:
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