New maintenance releases of BIND are available which contain
bug fixes and feature improvements.  The new releases can be
downloaded from our downloads page:

Release notes can be found via these links:

Stable release branches:

Experimental development branch

Users who are checking out the 9.15 experimental development branch
will notice that in this instance only the source is available for
download, the Windows binary packages that usually accompany a new
release version are missing.  This is because a change late in the
development cycle was causing problems with the system tests for
that version (9.15.2) only, and only on the Windows platform.
Rather than postpone the release of all versions or release binaries
which had not passed all of our quality assurance procedures, we
chose to continue and release the stable release branches as scheduled
and make the source for the experimental development branch available
without Windows binary installers.

Michael McNally
ISC Support
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