Hello, BIND operators --

Last week we announced the availability of the November 2020 maintenance
releases of BIND: 9.11.25, 9.16.9, and 9.17.7

Several reporters have made us aware that there was a problem with the man
pages in the 9.11.25 release (and only that release -- 9.16.9 and 9.17.7
were not affected.)

Those who are curious about how this occurred can read the details on
issue #2310 on the BIND project's Gitlab tracker:


but the quick version is:

  -  an update to a tool used in our build process included changes
     to some style sheets that affected the man pages generated

  -  the problem has been corrected and will not affect future

  -  since the only affected components were man pages we did not feel
     the problem was serious enough to require re-issuing the release

  -  however, we have created a tar archive containing corrected
     versions of the 9.11.25 man pages which can be overlaid on
     top of the unpacked release to fix the problem.

      Here's how to correct the man 9.11.25 man pages if you wish

1)  If you have not already done so, download the BIND 9.11.25 source
and unpack its contents

2)  Download bind-9.11.25-fixed-man-pages.tar.gz from the release directory

3)  Unpack the bind-9.11.25-fixed-man-pages.tar.gz file in the top level of the
source unpacked from bind-9.11.25.tar.gz in stage (1), overwriting the broken
man pages with corrected versions

4)  Proceed to configure, make, and install BIND 9.11.25 as usual


Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience,

Michael McNally
ISC Support
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