Today ISC is pleased to announce the release of BIND 9.18.0

This is the first stable release that contains support for DoT and DoH.

This new release of BIND is available for download from the Internet
Systems Consortium web site (

Significant work covered in the 9.18.0 branch includes:

    - Support for securing DNS traffic using Transport Layer Security (TLS).
          TLS is used by both DNS-over-TLS (DoT) and DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH).
    - Support for zone transfers over TLS (XFR-over-TLS, XoT) for both
          incoming and outgoing zone transfers.
    - The dig tool is now able to send DoT queries (+tls option).
    - Support for OpenSSL 3.0 APIs was added.

You can read more about this new edition of BIND in the release notes:


Peter Davies
Internet Systems Corporation

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