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> Hello,
> Sometime when I run sbin/rndc-confgen there is not response from this command
> , no any output after long time. But sometime it behaves well.
> The OS is Slackware Linux, kernel is
> Bind is BIND 9.5.0-P2, I compiled and installed it from sources.
> Please help. Thanks.
> Ken

/dev/random has run out of random bits.  You need to make your machine
generate more of them.


5.4. FreeBSD

Q: I have FreeBSD 4.x and "rndc-confgen -a" just sits there.

A: /dev/random is not configured. Use rndcontrol(8) to tell the kernel to
   use certain interrupts as a source of random events. You can make this
   permanent by setting rand_irqs in /etc/rc.conf.

   rand_irqs="3 14 15"

   See also <>.

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