On Jun 30, 2009, at 6:15 AM, bind9 wrote:
1) "skipping zone transfer as master (source is unreachable (cached)" seem to indicate that the slave has cached a knowledge about the master being unreachable. It isn't. I can nslookup on the master from the slave just fine. What is wrong?

The slave is caching, for some length of time set in the source code (an hour? something like that), that the master is unreachable for zone transfers.

2) what causes "transfer of '3yhta.dk/IN' from failed to connect: connection refused" ? There is no evidence of "connection refused" in the masters log, so where
could this come from?

The master is unreachable over TCP. The port has gone deaf. We see this on some operating systems and not others. (We don't work much with BIND on Windows, so we hadn't seen the issue on that OS.) Basically, when the port is not used for a while, it looks like the OS shuts down the listener without telling the service.

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