Dear BIND Users Community,

This is a message about the BIND 10 Mascot contest - and who better to
reach out to than our current users? We hope you'll bear with us
for a moment...

Linux has Tux, the penguin, BSD has its Daemon, ISC's user community
deserves its own little creature to learn to love, just as love for BIND

Participation is easy. Simply go to:

And upload your entry.

Make sure to get your image in before June 11, 2010.

ISC will review the submissions and announce a group of up to 5
finalists this summer. The final selection will be made by our users and
followers based upon popular vote. Once the votes have been counted, the
winner will receive a t-shirt inspired by their creation for their
efforts and an entry in the BIND 10 authors page.

Thank you for your support of BIND.

-- Larissa

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