On Wed, 30 Jun 2010, Bind wrote:

I compiled Bind971 on FreeBSD 8 (amd64).

FYI, you may get better results by using /usr/ports/dns/bind97.

/* Font Definitions */

Not sure why you included this.

./configure --prefix=/opt/
--enable-threads --sysconfdir=/opt/config --localstatedir=/opt/
--sbindir=/opt/named --datarootdir=/opt/ --enable-shared=no

Those basically look fine, non-standard paths for FreeBSD, but that's ok.

everything is ok and it works. but when i get top command,,

What top command line are you using exactly, and is there anything in the $TOP environment variable?

freebsd returns
many named processess which are run,,is it ok?

No. You appear to be running numerous named processes. Try 'killall named' and then start the named binary directly on the command line (no scripts, or other tools) and then repeat your top command.



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