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> SOA Record query :
> 01-Jul-2010 12:00:09.121 dns_rdata_fromtext: buffer-0xbff9b414:1: near '20100
> 701000': out of range
> 01-Jul-2010 12:00:09.121 dns_sdlz_putrr returned error. Error code was: out o
> f range
> What is the scope of the serial field values?

[0..4294967295]  (0, 2^32-1)

If you want to encode the date it should be YYYYMMDDVV (2V's) not
YYYYMMDDVVV (3V's).   YYYYMMDDVV is good until the start of 4295.

> and data fields(table:dns_records) cannot be empty,which is the value of " pr
> imary name server=" in a SOA query?

Normally it is the name of the machine from which the other nameservers
transfer the zone contents.  As you are using DLZ the nameserver
to which you want update requests sent or use "." as a placeholder.

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