2010/9/29 Eivind Olsen <eiv...@aminor.no>

> Does anyone know if there are any benchmarks out in the public, which
> could give some insight into how well BIND 9 scales with multithreading?
> I've tried looking on this list, and googling, but haven't found anything
> yet.
> To be a bit more specific - I'm not sure what a good option for server
> hardware would be for a recursive DNS server. On one hand, the Sun (ok,
> Oracle) Niagara/Coolthreads architecture seems to work nicely enough, but
> maybe I'd be better off with some generic Intel/AMD based solution with
> fewer threads/cores but higher GHz per thread?

i did some test and Niagara (T1000 / T5240) performs badly (response time
and rate) compared to Intel/AMD

some numbers at 75% cpu
T1000 6 cores / 24threads    ~10ms     600 queries/second
2-core AMD 1210 1.8ghz:    ~0.6ms   7000 queries/second
8-core Intel E5410 2.33ghz: ~0.6ms  70000 queries/second

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