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> > But bind is started successfully when commented below ns domains
> > which are marked as RED.

On 01.10.10 08:57, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
> Some people are color-blind and some do not use a Web browser to read
> email. Using colors on a technical list is a really bad idea.

using HTML mail is a bad idea, especially on mailing lists :-)

> > zone nsdomain.com/IN: NS 'ns1.nsdomain.com' has no address records (A or
> > AAAA)
> It is true: you configure name servers for nsdomain.com which are
> themselves inside the nsdomain.com zone but these name servers appear
> nowhere. You have to add address records (A or AAAA records with the
> addresses of these in-zone name servers).

Every NS record must poing to name that has A and/or AAAA records.

The NS record for the zone itself must also have same NS records
in the parent zone, together with A records if NS point to the zone.
They are called glue records and are required for DNS traversal.

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