28.09.2010 10:46, JINMEI Tatuya / 神明達哉 пишет:
> These logs are not (directly) related to file descriptors.  They mean
> epoll returned more socket events than the implementation normally
> expects (which is 64).  This is not necessarily an error because the
> remaining events will be returned with the next call to epoll_wait().
> However, the event loop should generally runs pretty quickly, so it's
> still an unexpected situation.
> You may want to check overall stability of the server, e.g., in terms
> of the ratio of server failures (SERVFAIL) that your server returns to
> the clients, cache memory footprint, cache hit ratio, number of query
> drops (if any), etc.   If these are okay and you only see the log
> messages occasionally, you can probably ignore them.
> Otherwise, if you use multiple threads on a multi-core machine and you
> set max-cache-size to some finite value, you may be hit by a recently
> found bug in the cache memory management, which can make a caching
> server very busy.  (but it's a wild guess: I've personally never seen
> this bug trigger the log message in question).  This bug will be fixed
> in 9.7.2.

A have same error after upgrade from 9.7.0-P1 to 9.7.2-P2:

Dec  9 11:40:03 thunderball named[13574]: 09-Dec-2010 11:40:03.719
general: info: sockmgr 0x101856f70: maximum number of FD events (64)

bind-9.7.2-P3, FreeBSD 8. vanilla src:
make with:

$ STD_CDEFINES='-DFD_SETSIZE=16384' ./configure --enable-threads
--enable-largefile --enable-atomic --with-libxml2=yes

Add to configure & make STD_CDEFINES='-DISC_SOCKET_MAXEVENTS=256'

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