Hi, thanks for the quick answer,

but my problem is still not resolved, i check all your solutions but

I'll show you my file zone which i wanted to sign and the command i used.

My file zone:
; This is a zone-signing key, keyid 12762, for *../etc/toto.com.*
; Created: 20120207101131 (Tue Feb  7 11:11:31 2012)
; Publish: 20120207101131 (Tue Feb  7 11:11:31 2012)
; Activate: 20120207101131 (Tue Feb  7 11:11:31 2012)
*../etc/toto.com*. IN DNSKEY 256 3 5

Command line that i used for sign this zone
./dnssec-signzone -p -t -g -k KSK.key -o toto.com ../etc/toto.com ZSK.key

Have you seen some mistake?

Thanks for your help.

2012/2/7 Spain, Dr. Jeffry A. <spa...@countryday.net>

> > dnssec-signzone: fatal: key myKSK.key not at origin
> What are the contents of myKSK.key?
> The format is "mydomain.com. IN DNSKEY ..." where mydomain.com is the
> domain origin.
> Jeffry A. Spain
> Network Administrator
> Cincinnati Country Day School

Thierry *SAMEN.*
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