Hello list,

I'm running bind9 on my local router which is connected to the internet via a
ppp link over my ADSL modem. This link has a static IP assigned, but is not
permanently up. Once a day the connection is dropped for a few seconds and
re-established, which leads to the following problem:

- starting bind9 (configured with listen-on { any; };) works fine, it binds to
the following interfaces: (lo), (br0), (ppp0)
- once ppp0 goes down, bind9 will drop the binding on 
- once ppp0 goes up again, bind9 won't detect the new network topology, thus
remains bound to lo and br0 only; any nameserver on the internet won't be able
to contact my bind9 anymore.

Is there any way to tell bind9 to re-evaluate the network situation and bind to
all new interfaces (if allowed, see listen-on)?

I have tried firing up rndc reload and rndc reconfig via the pppd if-up/if-down
scripts, but neither try was successful.

Seems like the only viable solution for now is to restart bind9 completely over
the init script on ifup/ifdown, but this sounds hacky and is disrupting service
in a way I don't like.

Does anyone here have a similar setup and solved this (admittedly minor) 

If not, I'd opt for re-discovering the network topology on reload/reconfig (as a
restart is flushing caches, loading all zones and discovering network topology 

Best regards,


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