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> >>> If you want to avoid additional queries, turn minimal_responses off.
> >
> > I thought setting minimal_responses = yes should lower the number of querie
> s
> > Do you think it is the opposite?
> it's not about thinking - it's a fact
> just because without additional responses are part of the inital 
> question and may save asking for that information - in case the 
> additional info is not needed by the client it saves traffic
> just read what that option does and you know it

It's a response size vs number of queries trade off.   What is
"better" depends on how the clients process the answers returned,
the contents of the answers and what you want to achieve.  There
are lots of variables to this and they change over time.

In the end it is a knob.  BIND 9.11 adds two more stops on the knob.

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