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I've been using "dig axfr" to fetch signed and unsigned zones for doing
comparisons. The output is easy to parse as dig gives one line records -
fully qualified - etc.

One of the records includes some IDN (Puny) stuff..

xn--caf-dma.dnssec.co.za.             A

This comes back in a dig axfr as:

café.dnssec.co.za.      86400   IN      A

If I then use "validns" on this "zone-file" - the "café" records are
marked as errors.  (record name is not valid)

Is there any way within dig to switch off the puny to UTF8 translations?
Some flag? Environmental variable?

Seems like LANG=en_US.utf8 makes the conversion happen.
I actually use LANG=en_ZA.utf8 - so I can type French from my US layout
ASCII keyboard

ps. Checking with dnssec-verify does not give this error.

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