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On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 11:00:24AM +0530, Nagesh Thati wrote:
> Hi,
> Can anybody implemented master/slave communication with views and algorithm
> HMAC-SHA* algorithms. I tried with all the HMAC-SHA* algorithms it didn't
> work for me, only HMAC-MD5 algorithm worked for communication. If anybody
> has any idea please help me.
> Thanks.

TCPWave seems to:

(1) Integrate BIND in product/service and benefit commercially from it

(2) Doesn't support upstream BIND's development by purchasing a support
subscription, even though TCPWave seems reliant on BIND being developed

(3) Paints BIND poorly on its webpages, even though your product/service
uses BIND: http://www.tcpwave.com/tcpwave-managed-dns/

(4) Comes to us for help when it is not able to figure out something

The last time this happened, we were reported a memory leak bug in ISC
BIND by TCPWave that we were pushed by TCPWave to prioritize because you
couldn't keep up a server for more than a day. After we spent
considerable engineering time and helped you find the cause, the
reporter admitted that the bug was due to changes that you had made to
BIND. Our engineering team's time was wasted by it.

Ask your management to contact ISC's sales team to buy a support
subscription as it would be better for both organizations:


(The work we do costs money too. We are programmers, support and QA
engineers who need salaries too.)


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