Hi All,
We are experiencing a weird issue for the past week or two. 
We run bind9 on RHEL/CentOS and one of our international offices that has their 
own auth and caching servers cannot resolve lenovo.com for some odd reason. If 
that office clients use google DNS it works but using their own DNS caching 
servers, it cant resolve. Commands dig and nslookup give a timeout. Although 
dig with trace is able to get to the final answer. Nothing in the logs indicate 
an issue. Also, this is the only address that cant resolve, everything else 
works fine.
We've contacted the ISP to make sure nothing is being blocked or anything, and 
thats all clear. The network team has confirmed they haven't done anything on 
the edge devices or any firewall rule modifications which can cause it. 
Any ideas please???
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