You mean, don't slave at all, and just maintain locally?

The problem the original poster may run into, however, is that there may be 
other records in that change dynamically, and those changes 
may not be reflected if only is maintained locally.

To be sure, a "sync" script could be run periodically to keep 
up to date. I've written such things in the past. But now we're talking about 
custom software, not something that can be accomplished using just BIND and its 
associated tools...

The other approach is to define zones for just the specific names that need to 
be "overridden" from the slave zone (Microsoft calls them "pinpoint zones"). 
That's a terrible solution, of course, since these zones are undelegated from 
their parent and thus special care must be taken to ensure that all resolvers 
which need to resolve the names in a specific way are configured appropriately 
(using master/slave/stub/forward). But at least it can be implemented using 
only BIND and its tools.

                                - Kevin

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In this example since the address is the same I would just pick one name (the 
name the machine knows itself as) and use that name for the PTR record.

I would also use DNS UPDATE to update the reverse zones rather than editing 
master files.  You can delegate update authority down to the <name,type> tuple 
level with DNS UPDATE.  Then it doesn’t matter which machines are holding 
master files for the reverse zones.


> On 13 Feb 2018, at 9:06 am, Julie Xu <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a zone, we say, all private address is in this 
>> zone. So, I have a revers zoon existed. I am the master.
>> Now, there is a new zone required - reverse should 
>>; we are secondary of this zone.
>> However, currently, there is some ip address in zone there which 
>> is  the range, they are still required.
>> For example we want, and both existed. 
>>                 The – – transferred from 
>> master dns for the domain ( both forward/reversed zones)
>>                 The –  original in 
>> zone file which we are the master.
> Both are A record.
>> What will happen if I create second reverse zoon for Is 
>> my current will lose? If it is true, do I have anyway to work 
>> around?
>> Any comments will be appreciated
>> Thanks in advance
>> Julie Xu
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