I would like to solicit constructive feedback in regards to a distributed DNS
zone hosting proof of concept I'd like to design and establish. 

I must deploy a DNS system with the following requirements:
- single master server, multiple slave servers
- minimal time for name resolving for Americas, Europe and Asia
- up to millions records in a domain zone
- changes propagate in real time (master -> slaves), 2 sec max delay
- automatic slave data re-syncing on master link restore after disconnect
- API for zone records manipulation (insert, update, delete)

So far I am considering using (free) DC/OS on Amazon Web Services with the
latest version of BIND containerized using docker on a Linux or Unix OS. Dyn
and Infoblox are also on my list of items to research but I have never used
either and I enjoy working with BIND on Linux. After all this is the BIND
Users group, but I would be interested to know if someone can make a case
for using Dyn or Infoblox in this case. 

Considerations/questions I have about this deployment for this Bind-Users
forum are:

1. How can I examine DNS resolution times using this platform (or other
platforms to compare with) in different geographic areas of the world
without first deploying it? I will need to have benchmark data to test
against to verify I am getting the fastest speeds possible on name

2. How to handle millions of records in a DNS zone, and how common is it to
have millions of records in a DNS zone?

3. What API solutions for DNS zone edits currently exist or should I be
lookin into?

I will research more in the next day but so far I know I can manually
configure named.conf to propagate zone changes to slave servers rapidly
(aiming for 2 seconds or less) using NOTIFY messages and zone transfers, and
also configure slave servers to automatically re-synch zone data with the
master server upon reestablishing a connection. That should satisfy two of
my requirements above. 

Any additional advice, hints, or tips for my proof of concept would be
greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. This will be a very fun project to
design and hopefully implement. 

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