Cathy Almond <> wrote:
The zone is broken because it returns a CNAME for
queries at the apex.

On 09.03.18 15:23, Tony Finch wrote:
I just got a problem report from a user who has a few personal domains
with CNAME at apex that used to work (or at least appeared to work) but
no longer do.

I've said that the domains are misconfigured, but since this is a
relatively widespread misconfiguration, I think it's likely to cause
more complaints. Tiresome.

it's the very common result of misconfiguration that something sometimes
does not work, while sometimes it does.

I usually advise people to fix things inctead of complaining that something
"misconfigured doesn't work sometimes" - that is the definition of
misconfiguration, isn't it?

especially DNS, with caching, TTLs and DNSSEC - there's not enough room for
making every possible mistake and expecting it to work.
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