According to what I've read, that's exactly what DNS64 does. It converts A
records to AAAA records. (For mixed networks, it just passes through AAAA
records, but that's not in my configuration):

"DNS64 is a mechanism for synthesizing AAAA resource records (RRs) from A
RRs." -

"DNS64 describes a DNS server that when asked for a domain's AAAA records,
but only finds A records, synthesizes the AAAA records from the A records."


On Apr 11, 2018 5:40 PM, "Chuck Swiger" <> wrote:

On Apr 11, 2018, at 3:32 PM, Rick Tillery <> wrote:
> I'll give those tools a try, but I don't understand how my client is
requesting an A record. It only has IPv6 networking. DNS64 should be
requesting an A record, but that the client should see is the converted
AAAA record. Is that not right?

Nope-- DNS requests aren't going to convert an A record to a AAAA record.

Normally, IPv6 only machines should request IPv6 AAAA records by
preference, and fall back to IPv4 A records only when IPv6 isn't
available.  However, your IPv6-only machine will route IPv4 traffic using
6-in-4 or NAT64 addressing, otherwise you'd get broken connectivity to
IPv4-only addresses.


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