On 12.04.18 08:29, Mark Andrews wrote:
The domain system provides such a feature using the canonical name
(CNAME) RR.  A CNAME RR identifies its owner name as an alias, and
specifies the corresponding canonical name in the RDATA section of the
RR.  If a CNAME RR is present at a node, no other data should be
present; this ensures that the data for a canonical name and its aliases
cannot be different.  This rule also insures that a cached CNAME can be
used without checking with an authoritative server for other RR types.

Now go complain to the WC3 for not adding support for SRV to the protocol

you apparently mean W3C :-)

or for defining a RR which points to a HTTP(S) server like MX points to
a server for SMTP.

it was not apparently needed.
but maybe we would need defining RNAME that could recitect only one
given type of record, e.g.

@ IN RNAME A webhosting.example
  IN RNAME MX mailhosting.example

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