Hi list.

I'm currently running a few DNSSEC zones in BIND using dnssec-policy option, albeit with an unlimited lifetime on the KSK, so that I can control KSK roll-overs (which is necessary because my Registrar doesn't support RFC 7344)...

Anyway I know that BIND supports RFC 7344 via parental-agents option when BIND is operating in the 'Child' role; but my question is whether BIND currently supports (or if there are any plans for BIND to support) RFC 7344 with BIND operating in the 'Parental Agent' (and 'Parent') capacity.

In other words, can BIND be configured to poll a child zone for CDS/CDNSKEY records, and automatically add corresponding DS records into a zone that it controls?

If this isn't on the radar already, I'll be happy to submit an enhancement request?



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