On 8/04/2023 4:27 am, Jason Vas Dias wrote:
   I have converted the excellent hosts file at
   to a Response Policy Zone (RPZ) file served by my
   local named that ends:

*.google-analytics.com A
*.clarity.ms A
*.adtelligent.com A

   (there are over 15,000 entries in it).

Hi Jason.

I'm doing something similar myself, although it looks like you've gone one step further with the inclusion of wildcards (i.e. "*") in the RPZ?

The other notable difference in my case is that my RPZ results in NXDOMAIN (i.e. same as suggested by Evan Hunt) rather than returning a bogus IP address.

FWIW I haven't experienced any issues with youtube, so I wonder whether one of these differences could be the cause of your CPU usage issue?


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