Hello again.

Problem number 1: Dnssec seems to be running on "di.ubi.pt", but
dnssec-validation still needs to be set to no; Will this cause troubles?
Dns2 is set to auto and runs fine.
Problem number 2: How can I avoid the key regeneration (using version
9.16.23) every named restart?

Kind regards,
David Carvalho

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On Wed, Apr 12, 2023 at 05:41:33PM +0100, David Carvalho via bind-users
> After reverting my primary dns configuration, and asking my provider 
> to remove the DNSKEY, I had to include dnssec-validation no; otherwise 
> it would keep answering with SERVFAIL
> I noticed the server was constantly trying to reach top domain dns
> Is this dnssec-validation mandatory? Any help appreciated.

dnssec-validation can be set three ways:
 - "no" (validation is never performed)
 - "yes" (validation *may* be performed, but only if you have also
   configured a trust anchor in named.conf)
 - "auto" (validation will be performed using the standard root zone
   trust anchor, which is built in to BIND and doesn't need to be
   configured by hand).

The default is "auto". When it's set to that, your server will query the
root name servers in order to confirm that the automatically-configured
trust anchor is correct.  You said it was "trying to" reach the root, which
suggests it wasn't succeeding?  If so, that would explain why everything
that wasn't locally authoritative would return SERVFAIL.

Note that this is related to *recursive* queries, that is, queries for zones
that are not served by your secondary server.  It should have nothing to do
with whether your own domain is signed, or whether there's a DS record for
it in the parent zone. My guess is, you had the authoritative configuration
working fine (otherwise presumably dnssec-analyzer would've complained), but
recursive isn't working.

Unfortunately, since you haven't provided any configuration info or even the
name of the domain you were trying to set up, I can't make any more educated
guesses than that.

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