we are currently running several bind 9.11 servers on Debian buster machines. 
We would 
like to upgrade and wonder if we could skip version 9.16 altogether or if it's 
a necessary 
middle step.

We have read both




and it looks like there should be nothing that would break (we use only text 
and raw zone 
file types) if we did the direct 9.11 to 9.18 upgrade. But better be safe then 
Therefore we are seeking advice. ;)

If it's possible, can anyone confirm zone transfers from master to slave would 
still work 
even if the servers ran different major versions? I know we won't be able to 
use TLS until 
both servers would run 9.18 but would the regular transfers still work?

It would help us a great deal if anyone could confirm this or (and) warn us if 
there is 
something that we are missing in our assessment.

Kind regards,
David Bruha

[1] https://kb.isc.org/docs/changes-to-be-aware-of-when-moving-from-911-to-916

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