And yes, you can automate this with nsupdate to old and new catalog,

Brilliant, Petr, thank you.

I saw some of the loviest log messages this week during coo from k-catz to

        zone t-catz/IN: transferred serial 10: TSIG 't'
        catz: t-catz: reload start
        catz: updating catalog zone 't-catz' with serial 10
        catz: deleting zone 'z10.aa' from catalog 'k-catz' - success
        catz: adding zone 'z10.aa' from catalog 't-catz' - success
        catz: t-catz: reload done: success
        catz: catz_delzone_cb: zone 'z10.aa' deleted
        zone z10.aa/IN: Transfer started.
        zone z10.aa/IN: transferred serial 1: TSIG 't'

The spec says:

        "The old owner may remove the member zone containing the coo property
         from $OLDCATZ once it has been established that all its consumers have
         processed the Change of Ownership."

however, when I stop and restart the consumer server, I have sometimes (not 
always) seen

        catz: catz_addmodzone_cb: zone 'z10.aa' will not be added because 
another catalog zone already contains an entry with that zone

which is true, but it doesn't _seem_ to cause issues.

Once I remove the offending zone from the 'giving' catalog, the diagnostic
doesn't reappear.

All this is with today's git version.

Best regards,

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