I have noticed that BIND sends strange (for me) queries.

    5   0.198221 → DNS 105 Standard query 0x15a4 A 
_.net.akadns.net OPT
    8   0.204738 → DNS 159 Standard query response 
0x15a4 No such name A _.net.akadns.net SOA internal.akadns.net OPT
    9   0.205400 → DNS 112 Standard query 0x3413 A 
_.office.net.akadns.net OPT
   10   0.211944 → DNS 166 Standard query response 
0x3413 No such name A _.office.net.akadns.net SOA internal.akadns.net OPT
   11   0.212646 → DNS 128 Standard query 0x70df A 
_.omexexternallfb.office.net.akadns.net OPT
   12   0.218782 → DNS 182 Standard query response 
0x70df No such name A _.omexexternallfb.office.net.akadns.net SOA 
internal.akadns.net OPT

Is this a known feature I have missed?

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