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Seiche Training currently have limited spaces for two Research Trip 

  1.  Discover the Singing Whales of Ireland 3-10 June
The aim of this survey is to obtain data on marine mammal acoustics along the 
inshore waters of South West Ireland. The field trips will be conducted on a 
dedicated research vessel whist the theory and data analysis will be conducted 
in a research house. This research trip is open to anyone who has a love for 
marine wildlife and a thirst for adventure. Whether you are a student, graduate 
or wildlife enthusiast, all are welcome!
You will be trained to:
Deploy hydrophones for passive acoustic monitoring of marine mammals, Identify 
and record marine mammal acoustics, Conduct on-board surveys of marine mammal 
species occurrenc, Photograph marine wildlife, Sea weed and Shore survey for 
Data analysis is important to the success of any project. You will be entering 
data into a specially designed database from Ireland's National Biodiversity 
Data Centre, as well as preliminary data interpretation
Taking a short break from the survey work we will explore Cape Clear Island. 
With its remote location coupled with its proximity to the continental shelf, 
makes it the foremost centre for bird watching in Ireland. Whales, leatherback 
turtles, sun fish, dolphins and sharks are spotted regularly making it an ideal 
location to relax and observe Irelands wildlife at its best.
All team members and participants share accommodation, house tasks, knowledge 
and experience in an environmental friendly and multicultural environment.

  1.  Marine Mammal Surveyor Training Course, Falmouth, Cornwall 19-25 June
This NEW 7-day training course has been designed to provide course participants 
with hands on experience in studying marine mammals via ACOUSTIC and visual 
Day 1 will be spent in the class room, learning how to plan and carryout a 
survey on marine mammals! As well as diving into an in-depth knowledge of 
marine mammals. We will then spend 5 full days out on a research vessel using 
these skills to practice whilst exploring the Cornish coast to record and 
identify marine life visually and acoustically. The final day will finish up 
with data analysis, including working on the local Bottlenose Fin ID Project 
and mapping species abundance!

Practical skills you will acquire:

  *   Survey design and planning

  *   Boat based effort monitoring
  *   Visual surveys for marine life
  *   Passive Acoustic Monitoring
  *   Fin ID Photographic identification
  *   Data collection, Data analysis and mapping techniques
The Cornish coast is a unique hot spot for our summer visitors, Risso's 
dolphins and Minke whales, with the possibility of still having basking sharks 
lurking around in the area.
Summer time is the BEST time of the year to record the smallest cetacean the 
Harbour porpoise, which are residents around the coast all year. We also have 
an inshore pod of bottlenose dolphins which roam the coastal waters of Cornwall 
as well as an offshore pod which we can find further offshore. Common dolphins 
are very common inshore and offshore. In offshore waters its typical to observe 
SUPERPODS of common dolphins in huge feeding frenzy's!! Finally, Grey seals are 
present in coastal waters all year & resting on haul out sites. Last year we 
had rare sightings of fin whales, humpback whales and even a bow head whale, so 
always expect the unexpected in Cornish waters!

As well as marine mammals, the course participants will learn about the huge 
range of seabirds off Cornwall including the Gannets, Fulmars, Puffins, Skua's, 
shearwaters and the Peregrine Falcon.
All team members and participants share accommodation, in an environmental 
friendly and local self-catering accommodation in the award winning town 
We want to give course delegates the opportunity to work on a boat carrying out 
marine wildlife surveys, gaining valuable skills that will benefit them in 
their future academic or professional career. It is an incredible opportunity 
for you to get involved in marine wildlife conservation and meet new people who 
share your passion and interests.
For information on these courses contact: 
i...@seichetraining.com<mailto:i...@seichetraining.com> or go to 

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