Animal Behaviour, Volume 130, Pages 1- 262 (August 2017)

Biotremology: Do physical constraints limit the propagation of vibrational 
Review Article
Pages 165-174
Beth Mortimer

Divergent mechanisms of acoustic mate recognition between closely related field 
cricket species (Teleogryllus 
Original Research Article
Pages 17-25
Nathan W. Bailey, Peter A. Moran, R. Matthias Hennig

Feeling anxious? The mechanisms of vocal deception in tufted capuchin 
Original Research Article
Pages 37-46
Donna Kean, Barbara Tiddi, Martin Fahy, Michael Heistermann, Gabriele Schino, 
Brandon C. Wheeler

Tennis grunts communicate acoustic cues to sex and contest 
Original Research Article
Pages 47-55
Jordan Raine, Katarzyna Pisanski, David Reby

Hens vary their vocal repertoire and structure when anticipating different 
types of 
Original Research Article
Pages 79-96
Nicky McGrath, Rebecca Dunlop, Cathy Dwyer, Oliver Burman, Clive J.C. Phillips

It's complicated: the association between songbird extrapair paternity and 
Original Research Article
Pages 187-197
Samuel D. Hill, Christophe Amiot, Michael G. Anderson, Weihong Ji

Conflict or consensus? Synchronous change in mother–young vocal communication 
across weaning in the 
Original Research Article
Pages 233-240
Oxána Bánszegi, Péter Szenczi, Andrea Urrutia, Robyn Hudson

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