Underwater Acoustic & Sonar Systems
April 2018 - Exeter

This intensive course equips delegates with a thorough knowledge of the 
fundamentals of underwater acoustics with a key emphasis on sonar. It is run in 
association with University of Bath, UK, and is delivered by leading research 

[Offshore industry and defence operations inevitably impact the marine 
environment. To protect marine wildlife and mitigate the effects of underwater 
noise, it is essential to understand the basic concepts of underwater acoustics 
and how sonar technologies can affect marine wildlife.  This five-day Marine 
Sonar course combines lectures with practical workshops to explore the ocean 
environment, get to grips with the terminology and concepts relating to sonar, 
and learn how sonar technology can be applied in the oil, gas and defence 
industries.  Delegates will investigate what can be done to mitigate underwater 
noise before examining environmental regulations, Environmental Impact 
Assessments (EIAs), guidelines, emerging studies and technologies in marine 
acoustics and sonar.  Led by research experts at the top of their field, 
delegates will discover the latest developments in marine sonar and acoustics.]


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