Internship Opportunity
Augmented hearing: Acoustic localization and separation

The internship is associated with the Augmented Audition project for
Bioacoustics (A2B). This project aims to study the localisation and
separation of sound sources in an augmented reality environment, by means
of in-ear microphones. This setting approximates potential scenarios
involving "intelligent" earbuds such as Apple AirPods or Google Pixel Buds.

An objective of the project is the production of a corpus of recordings in
a natural environment of binaural audio, tracking of the head pose and
location of microphones relative to the source. This will provide a ground
truth for the study of acoustic localization and separation in a
configuration little studied so far.
The main objective of the internship (6 months) is to develop tools for the
collection of multimodal data (acoustic and inertial position) of the
corpus, and realize the first pilot recordings.

Keywords: binaural localization, audio source separation, SLAM.

- Master-level students or third-year engineering students familiar with
the subject
- Signal processing / machine learning
- Programming skills (Python, Java / Android)
- Taste for research, for fundamental work and multidisciplinary opening

Administrative Information:
- Remuneration rate of about 575€ /month
- Laboratory and location: Laboratory LIS (CNRS UMR 7020), UTLN, Toulon,
- Internship start: to be defined

Contacts (supervisor) - send CV and cover letter by email (subject:
internship M2 A2B)
- (MCF) Ricard MARXER:

Dr. Ricard MARXER

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