Dear Bioacoustics research community,

I am involved in drafting an invited manuscript for Frontiers in Marine
Science on the use of passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) as a tool for
monitoring marine biodiversity (see Frontiers topic announcement at My co-authors are Dr. Linda Weilgart (Dalhousie
University), Dr. Aran Mooney and Dr. Ashlee Lillis (both at Woods Hole
Oceanographic Institution).

As part of our data collection for the manuscript, we have designed a
survey for researchers and experts in this field (link to survey below).
Our goals are to 1) summarize where we are now in this area of research,
including current technologies and methodologies in use, current
limitations/challenges, etc. and 2) discuss ways forward for PAM to be
integrated into global ocean observing networks.

Survey link:

If you work in PAM of marine biodiversity, we would greatly appreciate your
time and effort in responding to this survey by the end of this month (30
April 2018). Please share with colleagues as appropriate.

Lisa, Lindy, Aran, and Ashlee

Dr. Lisa Munger

Science Director
Oceanwide Science Institute

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