Job Opening: Collections Development Manager
Macaulay Library, Lab of Ornithology, Cornell University

The Macaulay Library (ML) is the world’s largest (over 6,750,000 media assets) 
and oldest (started in 1929) scientific archive of biodiversity media 
recordings (audio, video and photos); it is the most heavily used archive of 
its kind in the world.

Specific duties include:
Strategically grow the ML archive, increase rates of data collection and 
improve data quality. Lead activities and projects that work collaboratively 
with ML staff and other Lab programs, particularly Information Science, as well 
as outside partners.  Work with Program Manager and ML leadership to set 
overall strategies that align with ML’s mission and the Lab’s strategic 
priorities. In collaboration with the ML leadership, develop goals and 
priorities for collections development that will ensure the expansion of the ML 
archive to better serve clients; build strategic partnerships with institutions 
and individuals; provide guidance and contribute to the development of online 
tools and other mechanisms/strategies to facilitate acquisition of media 
specimens and data from contributors; expand ML’s training efforts to become 
state-of-the-art and global in scope; sustain a fleet of professional 
audiovisual field recording equipment for use in the field; and organize and 
conduct training workshops in collaboration with other Lab programs 
(particularly eBird and Bioacoustics Research Program) and partners.

Basic functions and responsibilities include the following:

  *   Collections Development and Strategic Partnerships Development: In 
collaboration with ML’s Program Manager, Collections Management Leader, and 
other Lab staff, define strategic plans and projects to increase the rate of 
media submission and data quality. Facilitate communication, coordination and 
high-level collaboration with research groups, institutions, biological 
collections and media archives around the world, particularly with respect to 
development of biodiversity audiovisual collections.
  *   Outreach, Training Activities, and Research Facilitation: Design, 
implement, and conduct audiovisual field recording, media editing, data 
management, and recording analysis training programs and related educational 
  *   Fundraising: Initiate and/or substantially contribute to the 
identification, preparation and securing of grant proposals and other 
fundraising efforts in support of the Macaulay Library. This may include 
recruitment of corporate and institutional partnerships, in addition to 
foundations or government funding.
  *   Project Management: Provide day-to-day functional leadership by 
overseeing projects and managing workflows, including setting priorities, 
coordinating individual and group activities and managing activities to meet 
project deadlines. Facilitate communication within and across teams to ensure 
that project goals/deadlines are met.

Required Qualifications:

  *   Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, in biological sciences, museum studies, 
information sciences or other relevant field.
  *   Less than 5 years of experience with a combination of: using/curating 
biological research collections, using audiovisual media for scholarly 
activities, large-scale digital asset management initiatives, and/or 
biodiversity informatics data management projects and initiatives.
  *   Advanced identification skills and experience with birds.
  *   Advanced sound and video recording, and/or photography experience.
  *   Must have a record of successfully meeting schedules and milestones of 
projects involving multiple stages, participants and stakeholders.
  *   Demonstrated record of success in large-scale project leadership and 
  *   Experience with audiovisual media recording technology, manipulation and 
archival practices, with emphasis on birds and natural history.
  *   Experience using audiovisual media collections for research, formal and 
informal science education, and/or public outreach.
  *   Mastery of standard office management software (e.g. Word, Excel, 
PowerPoint , etc).
  *   Excellent organizational and time management skills.
  *   Must have ability to obtain and maintain a valid passport and driver’s 
  *   Must be able to think critically and make a positive contribution to ML’s 
and the Cornell Lab’s mission.

Preferred Qualifications:

  *   PhD in biology or related field with at least 2 years of postdoctoral 
  *   Demonstrated track record of obtaining extramural funding.
  *   Experience mentoring and advising undergraduate students.
  *   Advanced knowledge and multiple years of experience using eBird.
  *   Fluency in Spanish highly preferred.

Annual term appointment with possible renewal based on performance and 
available funding.  Based in Ithaca, NY. Visa Sponsorship is not available for 
this position; not eligible to apply. Relocation assistance is not provided for 
this position.

Applicants to provide cover letter, resume, contact information for 3 

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