Hi all,

Heartless logic works as follows:

   - ensemblVEP is "not supported" on Windows (build report
   Completely understandable.
   - My package depends on ensemblVEP.
   - The build system reports an error on Windows for my package
because "dependency
   'ensemblVEP' is not available for package 'TVTB'" (build report
   - As a result, the landing page for my package reports "build error" (
   page <https://www.bioconductor.org/packages/release/bioc/html/TVTB.html>)

I was hoping to benefit of the same treatment as the ensemblVEP package,
that is, skipping the nightly build on the Windows machine, to get the nice
green light "build OK" on the landing page.

I suppose this is something to control in the build system, right? Or do I
have to put any kind of keyword in one of my package files?

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