Make sure you understand the difference between the *package source
tree*, which you control and where you must create the inst/ folder,
and the *package installation folder*, which gets created and
populated by 'R CMD INSTALL'. The exact location of the *package
installation folder* doesn't really matter but if you are curious
you can use the .libPaths() command to see it. The *package installation
folder* is the subfolder of .libPaths() that has the name of the
package. You can also see it with find.package("mypackage").

During installation, everything that is under the inst/ folder will
get installed *directly* under the *package installation folder*.
So if you created the extdata/ folder under inst/ (as it should be),
extdata/ will end up being installed at .libPaths()/mypackage/extdata/
The code in your examples can get the path to the *installed* extdata/
folder with

  system.file(package="mypackage", "extdata")

or get the path to any file under extdata/ with e.g.

  system.file(package="mypackage", "extdata", "data1.bed")

Don't do

  system.file(package="mypackage", "extdata/data1.bed")

even if it works for you because it's not portable (the use of / as
a separator is a platform-dependent thing).

Finally note that you should never try to modify anything that is under
.libPaths() by hand. Furthermore, and that's a mistake we see sometimes
with contributed packages, the code in your package should always
treat the *package installation folder* as a read-only folder.

Hope this helps,


On 12/01/2016 04:34 PM, Jurat Shayidin wrote:
Hi BiocDevel :

I am getting vignette error when I building my packages, and external data
can't be captured by system.file() . I did unit test all function of my
packages, it works fine. When I am going to compile package vignette, test
input bed file can't be detected. However, I used devtools::install()command
to install my packages, but installation directory inst/ was not created
automatically. By R package convention, all external data must be located
in inst/, so I manually created this folder  inst/extdata and paste my
data, but vignette compilation still failed. According to convention of R
package, my package structure will be:

`- inst
`- extdata
`- data1.bed
`- data2.bed
`- R
`- ...

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