after I

  git clone

This is the log that I see

BUScorrect master$ git log --name-only -n 2
commit 5ccfa7ce4f665f3ffbc55b26a5cd81beaafd3293
Author: Xiangyu Luo <>
Date:   Fri Aug 31 19:10:32 2018 +0800

    version bump


commit 1a61e2971a7cc213704797b99c5447847332b39f
Author: Xiangyu Luo <>
Date:   Tue Aug 28 21:45:34 2018 +0800

    version bump to 0.99.9


BUScorrect master$ ls inst/
NEWS.Rd  unitTests

Are you sure that you have added the citation file to your local git repository, and pushed the local repository to

On 09/05/2018 06:15 AM, Xiangyu Luo wrote:
Dear Martin,

Thank you very much for the information! I have pushed my changes, bumped the version, and waited for a successful nightly build, but the citation result did not change.  I am wondering whether the CITATION file should be in "inst" folder?



On Tue, Sep 4, 2018 at 9:05 PM Martin Morgan < <>> wrote:

    Have you pushed your changes to and waited for a
    nightly build


    On 09/03/2018 07:10 AM, Xiangyu Luo wrote:
     > Dear All,
     > The citation information of my "BUScorrect" R package is shown as
    an R
     > package version (e.g., xxx, xxx, R package version 0.99.10.), but
    I want it
     > to be my original paper (e.g., xxx, xxx, JournalName).
     > I tried to manually insert the "CITATION" file in the "inst"
    folder, as
     > described in
     > It works if the package is installed locally. However, when the
    package is
     > installed from the Bioconductor platform, the citation is still the R
     > package version.  I am wondering how to change the citation on
     > Many thanks for your great help!
     > Xiangyu
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